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How to get to Belgrade from Belgrade airport?

As a tourist, coming to Belgrade for the first time, you will certainly want to know what is the best way for me to get from the airport to the city center. In this blog post, we will let you know about a few ways you can get to the city if you chose to go by bus or by car.

Getting to Belgrade from Belgrade airport by bus

  • Bus number A1 goes directly to the city center, the bus station is at the airport and the ticket price on the bus is 150 RSD (1.3 EUR)
  • Bus number 72, goes through Surcin first, which means there are few stops before the city center and the ticket price is also 150 RSD (1.3 EUR)

Getting to Belgrade from Belgrade airport by taxi

If you don’t get the taxi voucher at the airport at 1800 RSD (15 EUR), we don’t recommend you catch a cab at the airport, because the drivers can be less professional and charge a much higher price than usual. If you chose to use the taxi, try calling some of the Belgrade taxi services (Naxis taxi, Pink taxi), but whatever taxi you chose to use, know that the price should not be higher than 20 EUR.

Getting to Belgrade from Belgrade airport by
rent a car

There are a few rental car options at the airport and a rental car at Belgrade Airport starts from 20 – 40 EUR depending on the type of car you chose.

It will take you around 30-45 minutes to travel from Belgrade airport to the city center depending on the time of day you are arriving and the city traffic at that time. Take this into consideration when going back to the airport so you can calculate this time when catching your flight back home.