Iron Gates Tour

12 Hours

1-8 People

Leisurely Walking Pace

Departure from Belgrade.

We start our journey after we pick you up at your hotel/accommodation and we head toward eastern Serbia. During our two-hour drive, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to interesting stories from your guide about this part of Serbia

Stop at Golubac fortress.

Only one look at the Danube River at Golubac will leave you speechless! The vastness of the river water and the beautiful promenade to the city center will make you feel as if you were at the seaside in a lovely resort. 
This is the widest part of the whole Danube River – around 6 kilometers! And then, in the distance, under the hill, you will see the mystical contours of the towers and the walls, as if they were floating on the surface of the lake. Surreal! Golubac fortress is located in a fantastic location, at the very entrance of the Djerdap Gorge. For its unique position, it had a very turbulent history. Ever since it was built in the 14th century under mysterious circumstances it represents an important point by which it is possible to control the flow of the Danube River. Today, thanks to the restoration, it is a fairytale castle that is the most visited tourist attraction in Serbia

Stop at Iron Gate.

Djerdap Gorge or the Iron Gate is one of the most impressive sights on the old continent. At the Golubac fortress, the Danube River is narrowing from 6.5 kilometers in width to only a couple of meters. 

Stop at Lepenski Vir.

After a half an hour ride through the beautiful landscapes of Djerdap Gorge, we arrive at Lepenski Vir. Lepenski Vir is one of the biggest and most important prehistoric archeological sites of the Stone Age, located on the right bank of the Danube, only one hour from Golubac fortress. The cultural center of the prehistoric world was based in this part of Serbia. The culture of Lepenski Vir is over 8.5 million years old and presents the cradle of archeological finds that changed the image of the young Stone Age of Europe. This site was the center of the most complex prehistoric cultures. 

Stop at Kapetan Mišin Breg.

An icing on the cake! After the Lepenski Vir museum and a fifteen-minute ride, we arrive on an authentic, traditional Serbian farm. Here, you will be able to enjoy local specialties, as well as traditional Serbian drink, rakija, all along enjoying the spectacular view from this hill, from which you can see most of Djerdap gorge

Departure back to Belgrade.

We arrive in Belgrade in the late afternoon hours. The end of the tour.

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