Niš City Tour

12 Hours

1-8 People

Leisurely Walking Pace

Departure from Belgrade.

We start our journey after we pick you up at your hotel/accommodation and we head toward southern Serbia. During our ride, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to interesting stories from your guide about this part of Serbia.

City of Niš .

Our first stop on this trip will be the city of Niš. Niš is the third-largest city in Serbia and the administrative center of the Nišava District. Several Roman emperors were born in Niš or used it as a residence: Constantine the Great, the first Christian emperor and the founder of Constantinople, to name some. Niš played a prominent role in the history of the Byzantine Empire, which earned it the nickname Imperial City. In Niš, we will visit the Red Cross concentration camp, also known as the Niš concentration camp, operated by the German Gestapo and used to hold captured Serbs, Jews, and Romanis during the Second World War. After the camp, we are headed to the Skull Tower. This is truly a unique stone structure embedded with human skulls. It was constructed by the Ottoman Empire in 1809, during the First Serbian Uprising. The tower is 4.5 meters (15 ft) high, and originally contained 952 skulls embedded on four sides in 14 rows, made from skulls of the Serbian rebels. This is such a unique structure, that doesn’t leave you indifferent. You will remember this site for a long time to come. The next site in Niš is Niš Fortress. It is a complex and important cultural and historical monument. It rises on the right bank of the Nišava River, overlooking the area inhabited for longer than two millennia. It was declared a cultural site of great significance. It is well known as one of the most significant and best-preserved monuments of this kind in the mid-Balkans. And the last site we will visit in Niš is Mediana. Mediana is one of the most important archeological sites ever found in Serbia and it dates from the late Roman period, located in the eastern suburb of Niš. It represents a luxurious residence with a highly organized economy. Excavations have revealed a villa with peristyle, thermae, granary, and water tower. The residence dates to the reign of Constantine the Great 306 to 337. Although Roman artifacts can be found scattered all over the area of present-day Niš, Mediana represents the best-preserved part of Roman Naissus. In 1979, Mediana was added to the Archaeological Sites of Exceptional Importance list, protected by the Republic of Serbia. Niš, with all its history and memorable sites, is definitely a city you should not miss visiting.

Đavolja Varoš.

Now, if you think Niš was amazing and breathtaking, wait until you see Đavolja Varoš! Đavolja varoš is a natural monument, a rock formation consisting of about 200 earth pyramids or ‘towers’, located in southern Serbia on the Radan Mountain. This natural monument is comprised of two natural rare world phenomena: the soil figures and two springs of extremely acid water with high mineralization. This so-called ‘Devil’s Town’, truly represents a remarkable wonder of nature. It is a very mystical place, with a contrasting picturesque and tame surrounding area. Another unforgettable sight on our trip through the south of Serbia.

Arrival in Belgrade.

After a long and adventurous day, we are headed back home. Drop off at your accommodation in Belgrade.

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