Resava Tour

10 Hours

1-8 People

Leisurely Walking Pace

Departure from Belgrade.

We start our journey after we pick you up at your hotel/accommodation and we head toward eastern Serbia. During our ride, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to interesting stories from your guide about this part of the country.

Monastery Manasija .

Monastery Resava, today is known as Manasija, lies near Despotovac, secluded in a peaceful and quiet place, in the picturesque river Resava gorge, with Pastorak and Macija peaks towering above it. With its magnificent temple and strong fortification, it has attracted the attention of travel writers for centuries. The monastery was founded by Despot Stefan Lazarevic, the son of Prince Lazar and Princess Milica in the 15th century.  Despot endowed the monastery with land, vineyards, precious icons, liturgical vessels, and books, and brought well-educated monks to live there. The monastery developed into an important cultural center, owing to Despot’s efforts and the literary and scriptural activities of its brotherhood. Manasija Monastery presents a jewel of Serbian medieval culture and architecture and its frescoes fall into the line of greatest domains of Serbian medieval painting.  You will truly enjoy the peacefulness and spirituality of this unique site.

Resava Cave.

After Monastery Manasija, we are headed to Resava Cave. Estimated to be over 80 million years old, Resava Cave is situated in the limestone hill of Babina glava. Its decorations make it one of the most beautiful caves in the region! The Resava cave was created before the great ice age by the subterranean rivers that had cut their path in the limestone terrain. It is one of the oldest and at the same time the most beautiful in Serbia. The interior of the Resava cave abounds with numerous chambers, canals, galleries, columns, stalactites, stalagmites, draperies, and stone waterfalls. Stalactites and stalagmites stated forming over 45 million years ago which makes this cave so impressive. The cave has 8 halls in the upper and lower gallery and this natural treasure will leave you in awe.

Lisine Waterfalls.

After Resava Cave we are going to visit the nearby Lisine Waterfalls. The waterfalls are set near the junction of the Vrelo River with the Resava River, surrounded by vast areas of well-preserved lush forests, watercourses, river valleys, fragrant meadows, and intricate ranges of Kucaj Mountain that spread up to where your eye can catch. The inexhaustible power and life-energy of Lisine waters make this place a perfect tourist destination. It is set in a unique natural environment and with many restaurants in the proximity of the waterfalls, it will be the perfect place for us to take a break and have lunch which will, of course, be optional.

Monastery Ravanica.

Our next and last stop will be Monastery Ravanica. Monastery Ravanica and its church of the Ascension of the Lord occupy an especially important place in Serbian medieval history, both because of their historical role, and because of their importance for the development of Serbian architecture, ornamental sculpture, and painting. Built in the 1370s, Ravanica is the main endowment of the famous Prince Lazar, where he was buried following his death in the battle of Kosovo. Since then, Ravanica has been a pilgrim’s destination and an important center of cultural activities and the Serbian people’s assemblies. It has been damaged and rebuilt many times in the past 600 years. The incredible significance of Monastery Ravanica lies in the fact that Ravanica church is the first monument of Morava School of Serbian medieval art. The architecture is truly magnificent and frescoes, although not all painted by the same artist, they were mostly dated between 1385 and 1387. Today, Ravanica serves as a women’s monastery. Not many places in Serbia hold such high importance in all spheres of Serbian history. 

Arrival in Belgrade.

After a long and adventurous day, we are headed back home. Drop off at your accommodation in Belgrade.

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