Mokra Gora Tour

12 Hours

1-8 People

Leisurely Walking Pace

Departure from Belgrade.

We start the tour by picking you up from your hotel and after a short ride around Belgrade, we will continue our trip on the Milos the Great Highway towards the southwest.

Stop at Podrinje Gate.

After a two-hour ride, we arrive at our first stop. Podrinje Gate is a viewpoint at Bajina Bašta municipality, located at 925 meters above sea level, next to the Valjevo-Bajina Bašta highway. This place presents the point from which starts the entrance to the magical Drina valley and our acquaintance with the beauties of Podrinje region. From this viewpoint, there is an exquisite view over the mountain area of Bajina Bašta municipality and our neighbor Republika Srpska

Stop at the Little House on Drina.

After a half an hour ride we arrive at the Bosnia and Herzegovina border and Drina River to our second stop. A little wooden house on an isolated rock in the middle of the Drina River became a true world attraction. This house located at Bajina Bašta resists nature for 45 years, and after National Geographic magazine devoted one of its issues to it, Daily Mail also wrote about this magical handmade piece. Recently, Business Insider also mentioned it and ranked it top 16 weirdest houses in the world. The Little House on Drina is a symbol of Bajina Bašta and one of the most famous river landmarks in Serbia and the whole Podrinje region, also known as Zelenika. In time, it became so popular that there are thousands of newspapers, televisions, internet portals, and tourist brochures that daily bring stories, videos, and images of the famous house on the rock.

Stop at Šarganska osmica.

Šarganska osmica is the most attractive tourist-museum railway in Europe and is also known as a unique construction masterpiece in the world among narrow gauge railways. This railway connected Belgrade and Sarajevo from 1925 to 1974. Today, it connects Mokra Gora with Šargan Vitasi station and presents a remarkable and probably the most visited tourist attraction in Serbia. Surrounded by three mountains, cut by river valleys that partly turn to gorges, rich with mountain streams and springs, waste forests, and flowery meadows, Mokra Gora is one of the most impressive sights in Europe. The train ‘Nostalgija’ is an original and authentic locomotive made with restored wagons. It brings the spirit of the old times and it takes us over 5 bridges, through 22 tunnels, conquering an altitude of 300 meters. During the two-and-a-half-hour ride, you will enjoy the most beautiful scenery of the Serbian mountain beauties.

Stop at Drvengrad.

Located on Mećavnik hill in Mokra Gora nature park, the meeting point of two beautiful Serbian mountains Tara and Zlatibor, ethno village ‘Drvengrad’ is a product of film director Emir Kusturica’s imagination, and was built for the production of his film ‘Life is a miracle’. Around the world, it is better known under the name of Kustendorf, a gorgeous oasis just beside Mokra Gora, a town of only 605 residents, not far from the city of Užice. ‘Drvengrad’ is a rectangular ethno village with the main street leading from the entrance gate on one end to a small wooden Christion-orthodox church on the other. 

The streets in the village are named after some famous people. Main Street bears the name of a Nobel prize winner, writer Ivo Andrić. There are also streets named after Cuban revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara, Argentine football player Diego Armando Maradona, Serbian actor Miodrag Petrović Čkalja and famous film directors Federico Fellini and Ingmar Bergman. One street is named after Novak Djoković, one of the best tennis players in the world. Here, we will make a lunch break before we return to Belgrade. 

Departure back to Belgrade.

We arrive in Belgrade in the late afternoon hours. The end of the tour.

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